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Metna Co.

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Job Opportunity :

Research Chemist


Independent research and development in the field of inorganic materials chemistry, emphasizing:

(i) research and development of alkali aluminosilicate hydraulic cements using abundant natural and byproduct raw materials (including biomass ash, coal fly ash, metallurgical slags, clay);

(ii) development of calcium carbo-aluminosilicate ultra-rapid-hardening hydraulic cements;

(iii) evaluation of the chemical and mineralogical compositions of alkali aluminosilicate hydraulic cements using x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy, x-ray diffraction, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, and thermogravimetric analysis techniques;

(iv) application of mechanochemistry principles for sustainable development of hydraulic cements;

(v) applications of NMR relaxometry towards nondestructive evaluation of geological materials and concrete;

(vi) assessment of the exothermic heat of hydration, set time, strength development attributes, chemical and dimensional stability, and barrier and corrosion protection qualities of hydraulic cements;

(vii) design of optimization experimental programs, and statistical analysis of results; and

(viii) development of technical reports.

Required skills:

Master’s degree in Chemistry and 2 years of experience with XRD, TGA, DSC, SEM, XRF, FTIR, ICP, AA Spectroscopy, NMR relaxometry, laser granulometry and mechanochemistry in the field of research.

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